Parents of: June Hills Renata Heckenlaible


Father: Kaihu (Guy) Ngapuhi Renata Te Ngahuru. Born: Mnth 1901 Died 1929. Buried in Auckland

Mother: Ethel Lillian Hills: Born: 05/12/1903 In Omaru. South Island, N.Z.

Died 01/31/2004 Age: 100 yrs old. Buried in Freeman S. Dakota.


My fraternal Grandfather: Renata Te Ngahuru Born: mnth,date,yr.

Died: 12/17, 1921 at age 87 yrs old.


My Fraternal Great-grandfather:  Titore Te Ngahuru Born: mnth,date,yr.

At waiaua, Mangonul. Married to Hinu  Born: mnth,date,yr: at Waiaua Mangonul all buried at Waiaua, Mangonui.


My Maternal grandmother: Annie Isable Inns: born 1878 at Lancaster, England.

Married: Charles Edwin Hills At new Plymouth. NZ.

Annie died in 1954 in Auckland age 76.



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